Lazy and Snowy Wednesday!
Talk about finally that Toronto is getting some snow!! We haven't had much SNOW all winter .. and is already almost March! We maybe had to shovel our snow like at the most not even 5 times this year since like November... I WANT MORE SNOW!!!!! That's the beauty of Winter. Even people in Beijing, China are getting more snow than us, arghz, not fair!!!! But I'm super glad that is FINALLY snowing today, and I'm INDOORS all day!!!!

My mom and Lin left an hour ago to go into Toronto. My mom went to visit an an old boss with a co-worker, and Lin went to Toronto to renew her passport. I was gonna go in today, but I'm working all day tmr, I rather work at home today, plus.. I wanted to catch up on my sleep lol!

I got a phone call yesterday, that they booked me in last minute for a CT scan tomorrow morning at 8:30am! It's the only time that they can do it, so I had to say yes! So back track a little... ever since last July, I've been getting really bad toothache and headache... well, not that bad yet in July, but it's slowly getting worse. I went to an oral surgeon in July, and he said I have a sist in my right side bottom teeth, and I have to go through surgery to remove it. My mom wanted a second opinion and wanted a referral to a hosiptal and not a private practice. So we wait, and waited and that never happened. I went to my dentist (my best friend's dad) in November for normal cleaning, and told him about my toothache and headache, and he referred me to a doctor in Mount Sinani hosiptal in Toronto. I dunno what happened but there was a mix up, and somehow the secretary never got our referral, and my dentist had to re do it, and finally got me squeezed in for an appointment last Friday morning. I went to see a pain doctor there, and she suggested that I do CT scan asap because my sist has growed twice as much since July and that's why my toothache (linked with my headache) had been getting worse and worse. She said the referral for CT will take about 2 -3 weeks at least to book, but because this is urgent, she'll try it faster, and I never knew it would be as fast as TOMORROW!!!! I was expecting it to be after I come back from Sault St. Marie next week. So after the CT Scan tmr, they would be able to let me know about my surgery, and would be able to book one as soon as possible. I was originally suppose to work at 8:30 tmr, I had to tell the office repectionist that I will be in one hour late, and she can get the co-op student set up and started, and I will continue when I come in. Tomorrow is gonna be one crazy and LONGGG day. Just added in another meeting to go over my speech next week with my Co-CEO from 4:30 till about 5:30 ... which I've started writing it yesterday, since we were also trying to find someone else to do it with me, but couldn't. So I'm back to square one. Will be at home all day working on the speech... which will for sure take me a super, super long time .. a half an hour speech.... how many pages or words would that be??? hummmm.... who knows! ahh...

Time to write and shovel!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! New decade!!!!!!!!!
Goodbye 2009, and welcome 2010!!!

Feeling somewhat accomplished today with work. We had our last Youth Engagement team meeting of 2009! We're getting really pumped for conference. Less than 5 days! There's still so much work to be done!

For the evening, we went out skating at our local community center. It was free for tonight, and wow, I swear the entire city ppl came out. It was ridiculously full of people!!!!!! My cousin and our guests skated, and I and another guests was watching them. Didn't feel like skating today. Haven't skated in so long, but it's always fun to watch other people skate! It's free for 3 hours, but because so many people, they limit you to 50 minutes. Basically after skating, we had family dinner, and then we were chatting in the kitchen for pretty much the entire evening. I called Danny at midnight to wish him happy new year, and say that I will see him very soon (at conference!). now ... a new decade!

This past year:

- Was a year of achievements, learning, struggle, disappointments, new friendships, love, and of course new experiments.

Top 10 Best of 2009 (and rememberance) :

(not in any particular order!)

- Finishing school - my best housemates ever ... (in early 2009) - Valerie, Anna, Louise, Alison and Lexie!
- Working with Engineers Without Borders (my awesome 3 team mates that means everything to me - Nick, Courtney and Sean, you guys are the best! I love you all!)
- Directing fame the musical in April
- Going back to China with my parents - the first time since we came to Canada.
- Harry Potter
- Twilight: New Moon
- 2012
- Glee: the best new tv show
- Teaching piano: my two awesome students!
- my favourite Piano teacher - Carolynne

Thank you to everyone for making this year one of the best! Of course there are ups and downs! I want to take this time to remember my cousin's best friend: Chen Min, who passed away this past August! She was more of a family member/sister to me!

Here's to celebrate 2009, and to bring on 2010! a new decade, winter olympics in Vancouver ... and many, many, more!!!!

Happy 2010!

Twilight vs. Harry Potter
I've been wanting to hear what people thought for the longest time.

What would you prefer?

Twilight? or Harry Potter?

and why?

Some people might pound on me when they hear my answer, but I actually prefer "Twilight" over harry potter! for number of reasons. Not that I don't like HP! I still love HP! But just in different ways!

What attract to me about Twilight:

- The story line! I love the storyline! (I apologize for spoilers if people haven't read it) but the fact that the werewolf and the vampire can both be friends due to one person, and threesome works and excits in that kind of life is amazing! I was truly amazed and laughed so hard when I was reading breaking dawn and found out that Jacob had imprinted on Nessi (I like that name too!)
- Not a huge fan of the Volturi.. but any novel need to have the bad guys. Kinda reminds me of Voldermort from Harry potter.
- People think the reason I like Twilight might be for the actors, I'm actually not a huge fan of Robert or Jacob! I prefer the romance from the story line so much more.
- I do however really like the movie though! It's probably one of the few best adaptations of a book!

But however... that doesn't stop me from being really excited to watch the new HP movie!! Hopefully it will be soon :) Can't wait!

7. i still like tv's
Even though I have aoo much work to do and always complaining, I still like to enjoy a couple hours of tv on weeknights, and movies on weekends with my housemates... we have more shows this semester than we did last semester. Last semester was just Grey's, The OC(not till the end though), Lost, and Gilmore Gilrs. This semester though, we have a routine ;)

Monday night: 7th Heaven
Tuesday night: American Idol, Gilmore Girls (or Law and Order:SVY) depends..
Wednesday night: Lost, Medium
Thursday Night (big night): The OC(can't believe there cancelling it! it's actually getting good!!!), Grey's Anatomy ... (I'm in LOVEEE with this show .. it just gets better and better!!!), and CSI
Friday night / Saturday night are movie nights
Sunday: Desperate Housewives!!!!

FYI and Warning: Spoilers for tonight's Grey's eposide!!!

Tonight, omg ... as I already said Grey's was SOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!!! I'm not the kind of person to critique about a show after I watch it, but seriously this eposide was by far one of the best, and I thought last week was good heh!!! I can't believe ... how they left everything till like the last 5 minutes of the show and had 2 proposals, and just leave us hanging there until they respond .. ahh .. talk about tention!!!! After like what .. about 2 months Burke and Christina not speaking to each other, and now after all those times .... the first time they talked, with Christina starting ... I still can't believe that he just proposed.. same with George .. omgish! And the whole chief thing ... bet there going to make Bailey the next Chief, now that she's starting with this whole Free Clinic thing .. and Izzie is sooo going to chipp in! I kinda wish we would get a bit more from Addison and Alex though... like them together, really cute! Meredith and Derek is just getting better and better, that last line Derek said .. love that quote!!! Seriously .. if there going to have proposal on the show .. the first I would have thought would have been Derek and Meredith .. but Geroge and Kelly ... oh wow .. especially since they just got back together like last week .. that was sooo not expected!!!!! Sighz .. I love this show .. can't you tell? lol.

Anyway .. been a long day ... going to do some packing for home tomorrow .. yay!!!!!! and then bed soon!

Night everyone! Be warm!! !

1. so it begins again
So, it begins once again! Class started today ... although I only had 2 classes today ... it so does not feel like it for some reason heh. We'll have to wait and see how tomorrow goes ... this semester, Tuesday is going to be my long day as oppose to Wednesday from last semester. Tomorrow, I have two classes back to back starting at 8:30 in the morning with the same prof, and then in the afternoon back to back classes for topics in theory and applied music. Thank god I dropped the night class, if i still have a night class ... i would have gone from 8:30 in the morning till 10 at night, with only a few hours of break in between sighz.... anyway .. this is what my crazy schedule for this semester looks like... I have decided to take 6 courses, plus i'm also doing a few RCM courses as well and piano .. the fact that my schedule is so spread out this semester .. I have to put my RCM lessons on saturday ... since both my teacher and I can't find a time during the weekday that both of us are avaliable ... sighz!

10:30 - 11:20 Tonal Harmony II
12:30 - 1:20 Sociology Classical Theory
4:00 - 5:30 Ballet

8:30 - 9:50 Music History
10:00 - 11:20 Topics in Music
4:00 - 5:20 Topics in Theory
5:50 - 6:40 Applied Music Lesson

10:30 - 11:20 Tonal Harmony II
12:30 - 1:20 Sociology Classical Theory
7:00 - 9:00 Band
(love my wednesday schedule this semester haha comparing to last lol)

8:30 - 9:50 Music History
10:00 - 11:20 Topics in Music
4:00 - 5:20 Topics in Music Theory

10:30 - 11:20 Tonal Harmony II
12:30 - 1:20 Sociology Classical Theory(and i'm done early on friday for once!!!)

12 - 3pm Music theory grade 4 counterpoint/gr. 5 harmony/piano = ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

So yea .. that's my schedule for this semester ... cooking should still be the same as last semester, monday and thursdays... possibly on wednesday since I have the entire afternoon free but yea ... I'm excited!!!! I had two classes today already .. one of them got a term paper... (yuk).. the other one actually started teaching ... hopefully tmr will be easier heh ...

do i have to let you go?
I don't think I've ever been this bombed before ... but yea .. found out some pretty bad news .. and has to be both of it on the same day .. guess there related, that's probably why. Frank, the guy that i've been together on and off, who i've also been friends with for a long time .. is leaving for Iraq in march. I just found out the news this morning when he textmessage me after I got to school. I knew that they have to go there sometime, but I never thought they had to go sooo soon... :( Also another close friend of my from highschool last year will be going to Iraq as well ..(who's currently dating one of my best friend Leiley) Leiley, i'm sorry.. at least we're in this together! luv ya girl! There official departure date haven't been set yet .. but it's at the beginning of march .. so we're gonna be spending every minute of reading week together, I don't even want to open my mind the fact that I dunno why I will see you again ... gonna miss you so much! Both of you! .... don't feel like doing anything else tonight but think .. and then sleep .. sighz

Friends Only
This journal had been friends only for awhile now... but i don't rememeber if i've ever made a post about it but anyway.. from now on it's a friends only journey. If you wish to be added, please drop a comment and say how you found me, and i'll be gladly to add you as a friend =)

Created by crystalic_chick

Wow... Elementary school renuion ...
OMGGGGGGGG................. I seriously cannot believe this... but from talking to Aaron on MSN so much latetly not only did I find out that he'll be coming studying at the University of Waterloo in September, but also stop by Toronto first before going there which means I get to see him after like almost 8 years... wow... Not only that.. through him, I got the contact from one of our good friend Sandy from Elementary school, and she happen to know some of our other friends like Jeff, and Kimmy, and I know Nancy, Huan and Mimi, all of whom are from our gr. 3 gr. 4 class at Jesse Ketchum Elementary School.. I cannot believe it.... it's been like almost 10 years since I've talked or seen some of these people... Aaron is arriving in Toronto Pearson Airport at 10PM on saturday... we're gonna give him a couple of days to rest, then next week we're gonna set a date and hopefully get everyone together and go to CNE, and have dinner together... wow .. Elementary school renuion.. that doesn't happen often... we're only missing one person... and that's our dear friend Tina who's still in HK and won't be coming to Toronto before she starts at Wellesley in September.. sighz... but it's still amazing to have found all these people after all these years... I probably can't even recognize what half of them looks like hehe...

Crunch time..
It's crunch time. Even though we just got back from camping trip yesterday, and I was sleepy on the trip, somehow I didn't feel like sleeping much when I got home. I stayed up studying last night for theory (harmony) until almost 2am, and woke up at 6 today to study more. I've been doing nothing else all day but studying. I took breaks in between with praticing the piano since I hve my lesson tomorrow and everything. I honestly don't ever recall studying that much. I studied for more than 12 hours straight already alternating between harmony and history. About 4-5 hours of harmony, and then 4-5 hours of history, and switch back. It's actualy pretty sufficient that way. I'm getting a lot more work done than I normally would, mostly because I'm on a crunch time here and only have two more days till my exam! I can't wait until my exams are over on Saturday though. My parents had been on my case with these two exams for the entire summer telling me to study and not doing anything else! After the exam, I'm finally going to be freeeeee!!! And won't have to study anymore until september hehe.

Anyway, about September. I got my orientation (frosh week) package in the mail today. It's actually not that bad. It only costs $40, unlike most university where it costs around $70 - $100 or more and it includes a package of general information, laundry bag, lanyward, clipboard, frisbee, water bottle and shower shoes. Not bad, and some of the events they listed are The Annual O-week Pep Rally, Olympic Challenge, Beach Foam Bash, The Luau, South BLock Bash, Festichill: Beach Trip, sounds pretty interesting :) really looking forward to it now!

Back to studying.... planning on studying until 1 or 2am again tonight, and wake up early tomorrow morning... need as many hours of studying as I can!

Schedule for next year
Finally!!! My time table for next year is done. I've been changing it sooo many times now I'm seriously gonna go insane if I have to change it again! I want it to have my classes all clustered together but looks like it won't happen since the time for my courses don't work out the way I wanted to! Anyway... here's what my schedule looks like:

Musicianship I Lec Mon, Wed, Fri 11:30 - 12:20PM

20th Century Global History Lec Mon 7:00 - 9:50PM (my latest class)

Anthropology Lec Wed 7:00-9:50PM

Calculus Lec Tues Thur 10:00AM - 11:20AM (my earliest class)
Lab THur 2:30PM - 3:20PM

Principals of Behaviour Lec Tues Thur 11:30Am - 12:20PM
(Psychology) Sem Mon 1:30 - 2:20PM

Well, hopefully it'll stay that way. Really don't want to change it anymore unless something comes up....


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