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10 August 1985
Stuff you should know about me:

Dance and Music is my life! I've been dancing ever since like I was 3 years old. I just recently got my teacher's license and hopefully to teach professionally some day in the near feature. Music is the second biggest part of my life. I've been playing piano since I was 11, and I'm going for my grade 10 RCM examination this summer. I also play the flute, which I am doing my grade 8 RCM exam in June!

You can probably tell by now that my main interests is in the arts. Which leads to the fact that I went to an arts high school. Rosedale Height School of the Arts located in the heart of downtown Rosedale area in Toronto. I graduated it last year, and sadly .. miss it like crazy!

In my spare time, other than going to dance classes, praticing the piano and flute. I like to hang out with my friends {oh those endless sleepovers and mall shopping.. thanx to Madison, Shannon, Lei-Ley, Holly and Maddy for the fun and joy we've had last year!!!] This year ... Anna, Valerie, Meg, Jackie, Kelly .. my girls.. whether if it's my flute girls, or my alcovegirls .. gonna miss you guys sooo much this summer! Can't wait till September! And Anna... what can I say? we just have a natural talent for it haha! *wink* I also like reading, especially Sarah Dessen books, The DaVinci Code, Harry Potter series.. and Romance novels! And watch friends whenever I can (one of my favourite tv shows of ALLL time! Including .. The OC, grey's anatomy, Canadian Idol, Gilmore Girls, and desperate housewive! So.. I've mentioned some of my favourite books, and tv shows, now .. some of my favourite movies are: Memoirs of a Geisha, The Phantom of the opera, Center Stage, and Raise your voice!

Well, I think that's it for now. Fell free to add me, just comment and leave a note!

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